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Flusso Dining Table


Having as inspiration the constant change and movements of dancing, Flusso’s design makes the gold brass elements involved in a unique flow. Just like a dance, which inspires and empowers people to be artistic and expressive, the Flusso lifestyle furniture piece creates a perfect luxurious posture that spreads its vibes freely around the area, creating a sophisticated ambience.

Featuring a unique design composed of bending brass tubes, the shape gives the idea of a continuous flow. The Flusso dining table adds a touch of allure to any home interior and a feeling of mystery to the most exquisite décors.
It is an authentically classy design that can incorporate aesthetic elegance to a modern living space and complement a classic living room or dining room with its spectacular appearance. A faceted top made of Emperador marble brings a distinctive look to this handmade dining table, making it a graceful design that reveals a timeless beauty. This bespoke furniture element features both traditional Portuguese craftsmanship techniques and the most luxurious twist of innovation. Its dramatic, geometric-like top is made from solid marble and available in a wide range of stunning options. This lavish design will fit easily to a variety of interiors, from the opulent Art Deco to contemporary chic.


Technical Information

Dimensions (approx.)

Length: 220 cm | 86.6 in

Width: 110 cm | 43.3 in

Height: 75 cm | 29.5 in



Net Weight: 240kg | 529.1 lbs

Gross Weight: 325kg | 716.5 lbs


Marble Options












Dimensions: 236x126x91 cm | 92.9x49.6x35.8 in


Technical Sheet


Wood Version


Dimensions (approx.)

Length: 220 cm | 86,6 in

Width: 110 cm | 43,3 in

Height: 75 cm | 29,5 in


Weight (approx.)

Under Request



Under Request


Technical Sheet

Under Request

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