Every year brings a wind of change and new inspirations, celebrating each living space with individuality. Therefore, new interior design trends appear when exposed to certain social, cultural, and technological changes. But above all, the artistic aesthetic is expressed in the freedom to choose a grand variety of possibilities when decorating in 2024. And here will come in handy the elegant lighting and furniture creations full of innovations and design creativity to help you decorate in style.

Interior design trends 2024 come with a curated selection of luxury lighting accompanied by home décor accessories to impress design enthusiasts all over the globe and to serve as inspiration to embody dreamy visions into reality. Create an exclusive signature for your interiors. Complement living spaces with new design ideas and concepts, accomplishing an atmosphere of elegance and stylish comfort. Let your ideas sparkle, boosting vibrant energy in each corner of the house.


Nowadays as never before, the catwalk trends are widely imprinted on interior tendencies and shape their powerful impact. 90’s simplicity in interior design and everyday life is in the air. The influence of the 90's comeback is primarily traced in fashion yet cannot be ignored in the interior design world since all the related fields are inextricably intertwined. A case in point is that designers use the 90's simplicity and minimalism of the furnishings alongside some accent colors in their projects, for instance, a popular red or Pantone Color of the Year 2024 – Peach Fuzz.

Implementing this interior design trend in monochromatic decor, play with textures, patterns, silhouettes, or home décor accents. Then, add some statement lighting and furniture pieces. 

As an illustration, the  Chiara armchair expresses the embodiment of beauty and grace itself. This stunning furniture design showcases a fusion of contemporary style and classy elegance steeped in excellent Portuguese craftsmanship. The iconic lifestyle piece masterfully implements luxury fabrics and exquisite detailing in its design, being the first-class place to rest and recharge. It can perfectly fit the most seductive living rooms, making indoor spaces functional and beautiful. A delicate combo of a neutral palette and gold-plated brass brings together soft fabric and decorative finishing touches for a sophisticated yet comfortably minimalist interior.

The Chiara armchair is the ultimate furniture element with an artful approach to luxury living spaces, bringing a warm, welcoming grace to the most demanding interiors.



Well-being at home is more than just a buzzword - it’s a new reality! Our prerogatives change daily; today, more and more people take care of their well-being, health, and state of mind. So, the well-being approach applies to many areas of our lives; interior design is no exception. Planning and creating a home as a sanctuary is a must since our quality of life also depends on our careful and ecological attitude towards ourselves and rational consumption of natural resources. And with this in mind, designers reimagine the approach to designing interior spaces. Besides that, in this day and age, it is not enough merely to make the interiors look pretty, but more importantly, how we feel being there, as we even rethink our attitude toward the concept of home.

Being mindful of a sustainable home idea with alternative energy sources, you may consider solar panels, give preference to natural and sustainable materials, taking into account environmentally friendly and sustainable certificates, balance water consumption with a WaterSense-labeled faucet, give precedence to energy-efficient air conditioners, go for a hydronic radiant heating system, or select eco-paints and wallpapers for your walls, etc. All this will contribute to being comfortable, healthy, and happy at home and contribute to the Earth's Wellness, too.



Everything in the world is cyclical, design in this regard is no exception. So, would you be surprised if we tell you that Art Nouveau is back in style? Art Nouveau, or pretty literally “new art,” is a style of decorative art, design, and architecture defined by the intricacy of its patterns, elegant lines, floral ornaments, sleek silhouettes, and fluid shapes coming from natural forms. It is worth noting that the greatest inspiration source of the Art Nouveau style is nature since its references flowed from natural forms.

The nature-inspired design is a key component of the interior design trends in 2024. So, immerse yourself into the magnificent atmosphere of the sparkling rainforest where the art of brass craftsmanship becomes luxury lighting design. Fall for the Rainforest Collection that arose from the timeless lighting celebration of nature silhouettes, its elements, and movements. The ultimate fusion between the artistic design, authenticity of traditional Portuguese metal-work techniques, and creative craftsmanship.

The Rainforest elegant chandelier is unparalleled in the refinement and grace it represents. The gold-plated brass coupled with clear crystal glass - applied by hand - brings a delicate charisma that resembles nature in full bloom. A broad-leaved masterpiece of modern lighting design along with falling raindrops and butterflies takes you to remote spaces and the open sky. A dreamy lighting fixture creates an exceptional ambiance to the classy interiors.

A luxury custom-designed collection was made to be organically featured in the most sophisticated projects. This handmade suspension lamp is perfect for spacious living rooms, dining rooms, or hallways with high ceilings, fitting in a vast variety of decors. The exquisite light dispersion of this gracious lamp will make it the central piece for all luxury houses and help achieve the desired timeless chic. It is the right choice for a mid-century modern, modern classic, or art deco interior style.

The Safari collection arose from exploring new worlds of inspiration for creative and unique designs. Ignited by the journey concept, the Safari Collection embraces the aesthetic spirit of the savage animal world, an unexplored and enigmatic, enticing atmosphere of serenity and the midday summer heat of Savannah. Bronze and earthy tones bring the wild into high-class décor. A signature lighting design delivers a fresh approach to luxury and results in a refined retreat for every demanding interior. This majestic chandelier was designed to be contemplated and harmoniously allied to an elegant composition with a chair alongside a wall light from the same Collection. Safari snooker suspension is the newest addition to the Castro iconic designs.

The key highlight of this lighting creation is rooted in its exclusive giraffe print handcrafted with the ultimate care to detail by professional artisans. Each brass plate is a true design masterpiece with bronze glass to soften the mesmerizing light effect. This lavish snooker version of this golden chandelier can be modeled in any size and visually complements a living space with its natural allure, creating an unusual ambiance. Matching various styles of residential and commercial projects, this sophisticated design is perfect to shape modern classic, mid-century modern, or art deco interiors.

Nature-inspired furniture element - Safari chair - composed of a top-quality combo of materials such as brass that frames the mesmerizing beige upholstery, Safari’s splendid design ensures divine comfort due to its curved backrest. This lavish chair can visually complement any living space with its natural allure, creating an unusual ambiance due to the key highlight of this luxury furniture creation rooted in its exclusive brass giraffe print on the back handcrafted with the ultimate care to details by professional artisans.

The grand chandelier  Lotus manifests the concept of splendour and picturesque beauty that evoke a different look composed due to its complex blend of compounds of different levels. The following statement lighting fixture is ideal for interior design projects that aim to provide a strong impression. The signature mix of high-end materials catches the attention of the most tired interior aesthetes and invites the guests to contemplate the lighting creation while crossing this luxury chandelier.

Anyone who has ever observed a lotus flower emerging can’t fail to see its beauty and delicacy, always looking clean and pure against the background it is born in. Lotus handmade suspension aims to represent simplicity and splendour as its design and form are almost identical to the real lotus flower shape, incorporating its luxurious sensation. The use of noble materials and valuable traditional manufacturing techniques makes this chandelier unique, as the 24k gold adorned with delicate glass increases the visual complexity. The glass elements remind us of calm falling petals from the flower that reflect its simplicity, as well as shades of elegance and beauty.



Delicate, simple yet spectacularly elegant designs with a timeless style and radiant spirit. Feed your cravings for quiet luxury perfection with the most charismatic lighting design delicacies. Set a graceful interior mood and reveal the most sophisticated designs accomplished in gold, silver, and black nickel that express contemporary charm and classy elegance at the same time. Explore the beauty of the quiet luxury to empower your interior space with iconic pieces that never go out of style.

Metis Collection is simple yet graceful. A sleek shape and delicate crystals reveal a pure balance of delicacy and refinement. It is designed to bring a special allure and sensuality to your interior design. The handmade brass fixture is a modern lighting statement of self-expression, shining through with luxurious accents. Featuring an avant-garde spirit, it combines both: functional sophistication and elegant simplicity. This is where minimalism gets a luxurious twist, granting any interior project modern stability.



The popularity of geometrical shapes in lighting and furniture design takes inspiration from abstracted architectural installations and the unique motives of geometric silhouettes. The futuristic lighting fixtures symbolically portray the development of modern design and city architecture. This kind of outstanding lighting design can be applied to any interior: from modern classic style to contemporary, or mid-century modern. Feel the dynamism of this trend as ‚Äčthe simple geometry of the brass elements complements the refinement of the interiors and permits to reveal a new kind of energy and charisma.

This modern-day living space with a simple yet beautiful and modern arrangement highlights Roma Mirror, Canna Coat Rack, Mies Console, and Rainforest Plafonnier setting, manifesting geometrical inspiration implemented in furniture designs. A well-balanced flowing shape of luxury furniture highlights the essence of refinement taken to new heights. These aesthetic lifestyle decorative pieces are handcrafted from rich materials and finished with polished brass. Designed to reflect a vibrant gleam and serenity in the interior space.

The Rolland Suspension was designed to cherish the synergy of noble materials with playful geometry. Implemented with a solid structure of brass involving two rows of clear crystal glass, this timeless design perfectly combines the two high-end materials in a free-flowing yet luxurious way, providing it with a modern and more minimalistic look. An elegant chandelier with architectural detailing and geometric elements that grant effortless ornamentation. This graceful lighting fixture will remarkably complement and fulfil a living space, being an excellent choice for contemporary or modern interior style in both residential and commercial interior design.

The following sophisticated ambiance features the Arcade floor lamp, where gold-plated brass masterfully combined with mesmerizing glass, provides an aerial atmosphere, full of bright and playful shooting amber rays of light. The Arcade Floor Lamp may be an intriguing lighting solution for the most demanding tastes to place particular emphasis on the decor.

Gold-plated brass masterfully combined with mesmerizing glass provides an aerial atmosphere full of bright and playful shooting amber rays of light. This opulent lighting creation brings sensuality and a state of tender contemplative attitude along with openness. A soft light transmits classy elegance and purity to every space. It is a perfect match for different types of interiors: either classic or modern. The Arcade luxury chandelier may be an intriguing lighting solution for the most demanding tastes and decors.

Create aesthetic scenarios with this luxurious chandelier in large dining room areas or long hotel lobbies. The Arcade Suspension snooker is the perfect choice for spacious and elegant interiors.


Brass and marble is the best combo and a strong statement in design. The elegant and creative mix of materials makes it easy to uplift the interior design with a new aesthetic and sophisticated allure.

Having a duality idea in its design, this contemporary table lamp reflects its top and base like a mirrored image, granting a special magnetism to this piece. Its structure is made of glitzy brass paired with a cylindrical shape marble. The handmade table lamp - Chantel - makes it easy to uplift the interior design with a new aesthetic in decorative lighting. The charismatic and geometrical silhouette of this handmade table lamp will complement a contemporary or transitional interior design style. It is a modern statement that will be a great addition to any room.

Marble and brass are an excellent combo for elegant furniture as well. Just have a look at this stylish console - a true modern furniture masterpiece. The Euphoria Console combines an elegant set of brass rings with different metal finish options on top and the bottom of the console. This contrast enhances the magnificence of the marble, conferring to the living spaces a unique touch of luxury. Gold-plated brass tubes with different diameters married with premium marble result in a subtle, delicate silhouette of the refined modern console. The elegant Euphoria console features the classic shape of a credenza – the timeless Castro design touch. Euphoria Console brass rings and legs use the same metallic finishes and thus, can be bespoken in a wide range of well-aligned yet contrasting brass finishes, uniquely combining them to create a signature design.

The choice and contrasts of materials make this Jade modern side table an authentic statement piece. The straight lines and vivid brass contrast with the dark marble, becoming one harmonious and timeless piece that will be the seamless touch of luxury in any residential or commercial interior decor.

Jades are known around the world for their beauty and toughness. They’re ornamental minerals that encourage creativity and enhance knowledge, which makes them the perfect inspiration for the creative process of designing lavish furniture.



What comes first to your mind when one says “Art Deco”? It probably reminds you of "The Great Gatsby", fancy life, opulent parties along with amazing cocktails, stunning outfits, and jazz. The influence of Art Deco can be traced in everything: from architecture, furniture and lighting design to fashion, especially jewellery. As you might know, it belongs to one of the most sophisticated and attractive styles of art of the 20th century. Today, Art Deco is considered to be a strong luxury statement and be regarded as a symbol of status and wealth, as well as the embodiment of exquisite taste and commitment to excellence. This interior design style is perfect for self-expression to show personality and impeccable taste. A fashionable elegance along with a so-called visionary luxury, which is complete, stylish, and classy. Must-haves of this style are expensive and rich materials. Gold, brass, crystals, rare woods, marbles, and lacquer finishes are the core elements.

 Residential Interior Project by Flow Interiors Franiak & Caturowa in association with Meblolight 

The Royal Collection incorporates the luxury and opulence of the Royal Era, demonstrated in the care for each detail and the use of traditional handcrafting technics. Composed of brass and glass, the different levels of this handmade chandelier are a remarkable display of how a Modern Art Deco touch can elevate a traditional design. These distinctive features make the Royal Suspension a perfect solution for wide spaces, able to swipe every attention in the room.