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The Castro Lighting showroom served as the stage for a fascinating conversation with renowned interior designer, Norah El Haddad, offering not only a stunning setting but also reflecting the values of innovation and quality that drive both Castro Lighting and Norah's work. Located in the heart of an area known for its excellence in design and luxury, the Castro Lighting showroom is more than just a product exhibition space - it is a tangible expression of creativity and commitment to aesthetics. From the moment you enter, it is evident that every detail has been carefully considered, from the arrangement of products to the ambient lighting, creating an atmosphere that inspires and captivates.

Interviewing Norah El Haddad in this meticulously designed environment made it clear how Castro Lighting stands out as a preferred collaborator for renowned designers. Norah, an interior designer from Lebanon, brought her vast international experience to the conversation. With a career enriched by life and work experiences in Germany, Italy, and Sweden, she shared how these countries have influenced her style and design approach. Immersed in vibrant cultures, Norah has had the privilege of collaborating with some of the industry's most renowned designers, adding depth and charm to her creative repertoire.

Norah approaches each project with a unique perspective, blending global influences with timeless elegance to create spaces that resonate with clients worldwide. During the interview, Norah shared insights into her design style, sources of inspiration, and her vision for the Middle Eastern design market. Castro Lighting is Norah's choice for these projects, as she highlighted the alignment between her aesthetic vision and the brand's design proposals.

Norah expressed enthusiasm for the new designs to be launched by Castro Lighting, demonstrating interest in how these new creations could complement her future works. The interview provided a comprehensive insight not only into Norah El Haddad's approach to interior design but also into the fruitful collaboration between talented designers and brands committed to aesthetic excellence like Castro Lighting.