Art Nouveau back In style

Everything in the world is cyclical - and design in this regard is no exception. So, would you be surprised if we tell you that Art Nouveau is back in style?
Art Nouveau, or pretty literally "new art," is a style of decorative art, design, and architecture defined by the intricacy of its patterns, elegant lines, floral ornaments, sleek silhouettes, and fluid shapes coming from natural forms. Besides the above-mentioned areas, its influence can also be traced in fashion. Back in the day, Art Nouveau bloomed in Western Europe and the USA from about the 1880s until the First World War, during a period of great social and technological change. By the way, the most significant and celebrated artistic trend in Bucharest's architecture was exactly the art nouveau.
It is worth noting that the greatest inspiration source of Art Nouveau style is nature since its references flowed from natural forms. This art approach is widely applied in interior design, glass art, graphic arts, lighting, furniture, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, clothing, and metalwork. You must be familiar with the key Art Nouveau artists like Gustav Klimt, Aubrey Beardsley, Alphonse Mucha, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Jan Toorop, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Victor Horta, Antoni Gaudí, Hector Guimard, Émile Gallé, and Egon Schiele. An interesting fact is that before Art Nouveau emerged, designers drew inspiration from ancient or medieval architecture.

Today, Art Nouveau is considered to be a strong luxury statement in interior design and perceived as a symbol of artistic soul, creative mind, and passionate connoisseur of unusual ornaments, colors, and shapes inspired by nature, as well as the embodiment of exquisite taste and commitment to extraordinary. This interior design style is perfect for self-expression, just like the clothes we wear to show off our personality and impeccable taste. A modern Art Nouveau is refined, ground-breaking, and functional. A touch of perfection that never goes out of style. It can be reached by a total look or by adding accents to interiors, like luxurious lighting fixtures, furniture, or home décor accessories.
So, we could not help but wonder what is a better way to make a home feel like an ambiance of decades past from the Midnight in Paris movie scenes or simply as beautiful as the art gallery with the Gustav Klimt paintings? And voilà Art Nouveau interior tricks to make your home more sophisticated and alluring.

Complement your interior space with timeless statements in Art Nouveau style to define your personality. Brighten your living space with this elegant yet remarkable style by integrating luxurious lifestyle pieces. When decorating, incorporate more nature-inspired details, complex patterns, and organic lines alongside floral ornaments to bring some present-day opulence to interiors, providing extra flavor to the ambiance. Start with subtle tonality, choose bold earthy colors, play with textures and materials, and then add some statement luxury lighting and decorative accessories in the Art Nouveau style to create a refined interior concept. Feel ambitious and go bold in implementing standout style, blending the sophisticated lighting and furniture pieces in interior decor.

The most imaginative interior style perfectly embraces heavy chic yet awe-inspiring decorations, where comfort and luxury are harmoniously fused. Art Nouveau completely satisfies searches for sophisticated yet cherished home coziness, manifesting its splendor, artistry, and grandeur in the interior. In the end, it is all about the vibes it spreads around.