A High-End French Library

Books are dreams that we hold with our hands. And as such, they must have a suitable space to be placed. Drawing inspiration from beautiful Paris and its sophisticated libraries, we present you today with a modern interior design so that you can create your own luxurious French library at your house.

In order to display your books in the best possible way, the Columns Bookshelf is undoubtedly the best option. This bespoke luxury furniture is the perfect blend of gold-plated brass structure with gloss lacquered wooden shelves highlights its smart functionality and unparalleled minimalistic beauty. Complementing the space and giving the bookshelf the lighting, it needs to stand out are the Halo Wall Light, strategically positioned next to it. Made solely with gold-plated brass, is a display of modern inspiration that was designed for those who want a simple and elegant lighting fixture without giving up charm and refinement.

To provide you with the maximum comfort during the time you’ll be lost in the pages of your favourite books, the Marie Maple, in white tones, is positioned in front of the shelf. This padded maple design is a luxurious furniture piece composed of brass and upholstery. Marie's splendid design aims to be more than what meets the eye, having a sophisticated high-end look, great for spacious living room areas and settled on private chic lounges.

The Arcade Floor Lamp, strategically positioned behind the Maple, serves to provide you with a lustrous light while you read. This opulent floor lamp brings sensuality and a state of tender contemplative attitude and openness to this space.

The best combination with a good book is undoubtedly a hot cup of tea that warms the soul with every sip. For this, the Butler Side Table is strategically positioned next to the Marie Maple so that tea is always at your disposal. This table, crafted to meet the highest of standards, features a contemporary gold-plated brass structure. A simple yet beautiful design that, above all, provides exceptional charm and focus to prestigious interiors.

Be inspired by Parisian libraries - where every element is carefully chosen to elevate your reading experience - and create your own library so you can read your favourite books and display them in a high-end space.