The Grace of Nature

For centuries, the magnificence of nature has been an abundant source of inspiration for artists and designers alike. The vivid hues of a sunset and the intricate patterns of a leaf present an infinite array of opportunities for creative expression. In the realm of interior design, the grace of nature can be incorporated in various ways, from the use of natural materials to the inclusion of organic shapes and textures.

Incorporating natural elements into interior design can bring a sense of tranquillity and balance to a living space. Organic shapes and textures, such as soft curves and rough patterns, offer an ideal way to infuse the grace of nature into a room. The Soft lines and curves can create a sense of fluidity and movement, while rough textures and patterns can add depth and visual interest to interiors. By implementing these design elements, one can create a beautiful and harmonious environment that celebrates the beauty of nature.

Embrace the spirit of Biophilia – a theory that says humans have an innate and genetically determined affinity with the natural world – and integrate it into your home with the following collections inspired by the phenomena of mother nature herself.


The Rainforest Collection arose from the timeless lighting celebration of nature silhouettes, their elements, and their movements. Immerse yourself in the magnificent atmosphere of the sparkling rainforest where the art of brass craftsmanship becomes luxury lighting design. The ultimate fusion between the artistic design, authenticity of traditional Portuguese metal-work techniques, and creative craftsmanship. The Rainforest floor lamp is unparalleled in the refinement and grace it represents. The gold-plated brass coupled with Guatemala marble - applied by hand - brings a delicate charisma that resembles nature in full bloom. Broad-leaves masterpiece convening through this modern lighting design takes you to remote spaces and the open sky. A contemporary floor lamp that creates an exceptional ambiance to the classy interiors. Resembling a floor plant, this piece rises from a gold-plated vessel from which the light travels up between the leaves creating a sense of surrealist nature, and sharping the perfect wild flora aesthetic for any scenario. A luxury custom-designed collection was made to be featured in the most sophisticated projects organically. The sizes and distribution of the elements can be naturally customizable. This handmade floor light is perfect for vibrant living rooms, dining rooms, or hallways, fitting in a vast variety of decors. This beautiful floor lamp is the right choice for a mid-century modern, modern classic, or art deco interior style.


The Carlo Collection is an exquisite welcome escape wrapped in a spellbinding furniture design that brings your dream living space to life. It is a charismatic new addition to the luxurious lifestyle collections. A stunning modern furniture piece was designed with serene days in mind, conveying the atmosphere of sensual, hypnotic, and cosy chic for ultimate comfort and relaxation. The ultra-stylish quilted padded fabric back adorned with gold-plated brass gives this armchair a subtle blend of elegance, modern lounging comfort, and a feeling of simplicity. The dynamic swivel structure coupled with the carefully handmade seating system allows experiencing the next step in innovations. This contemporary armchair masterfully implements premium upholstery fabrics and graceful detailing in its design, being the first-class place to rest and recharge. Carlo’s sophisticated appearance can be personalised and customised with stylish fabric textures and a fine range of brass finish options to complement the uniqueness of your interiors. You can incorporate the mesmerizing armchair in the reception hallway, living room, dining room, or bedroom as it can perfectly fit the most demanding living areas, from exclusive apartments to high-quality town houses, making indoor spaces comfortable, functional yet refined.


The Eclipse Handmade Wall Light is named after the solar eclipse phenomena. When the moon slowly starts to rotate to the point it almost aligns with the Sun and the Earth, the moon creates a shadow that partially inhibits sunrays from being seen from earth. Recreating this natural wonder, the Eclipse gold wall sconce is composed of two rounded brass plates placed in front of each other, with a slight distance between them, only allowing little crescents of light to shine through. The front plate is hammered by hand, using modern handcraft technics that reflects in the shining gold-plated plate in the back. Featuring touches of modern, contemporary, and mid-century modern styles alongside its delicate luxury shade, this handmade wall sconce is the perfect fit for a hallway, bedroom, living room, or dining room. Its warm light brings a calm and relaxing ambiance.


Introducing the Athena Chair, a design masterpiece inspired by the enduring grace of the Greek goddess. This chair is the ideal accent to any upscale home because of its gorgeous gold-plated brass frame, which epitomizes strength and elegance. The creative glow upholstery transforms the chair's appearance by adding a dash of contemporary luxury. The Athena Chair is the pinnacle of sophistication, whether included in residential or commercial spaces. This chair was designed with style and functionality in mind, offering ergonomic comfort and support. The beautiful craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and robust construction of this chair turn it into a true masterpiece. Elevate your space with this iconic chair and experience the timeless beauty of the Greek goddess. Whether placed in the home office, living room, or dining area, this chair will certainly make a statement.


Anyone who has ever observed a lotus flower emerging can’t fail to see its beauty and delicacy, always looking clean and pure against the background it is born in. These characteristics assume different meanings between cultures though they always seem the share the same impression – magnificence. Lotus Pendant aims to represent this simplicity and splendour as its design and form are almost identical to the authentic flower’s shape, incorporating its luxurious feel. The use of noble materials and valuable traditional manufacturing techniques makes this collection unique, as the 24k gold arms with delicate glass increase the visual complexity. The glasses remind us of the calm falling petals from the flower that reflect its simplicity, as well as shades of elegance and beauty. This handmade ceiling light aims to be the highlight of all interiors as it contains memorable statement pieces capable of creating a unique and exclusive atmosphere where light figures spread through the various glass elements.

Interior Design Project by: Clé de Maison


Marie was named after Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France before the French Revolution. This table bears the same name and grandeur it offers. Marie Antoinette was well known for her extravagant and luxurious lifestyle, extrovert personality, and love for fashion, parties, and fun. Marie Center Table aims to express the burst of lavishness that once lived in the Palace of Versailles, being a contemporary piece that would definitely be Queen’s choice if she lived in our times. Composed of either two levels, the top one in glass and brass, Marie tables are the ultimate elegant and lavish accent to any décor. The combination of materials from this collection is the ideal recipe for perfection and sleek design, turning this collection into a desirable one.


The Jordan city of Petra is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world that features massive structures carved deep into the desert blushing pink sandstone. The “Rose City” of Petra was the inspiration for this collection, as its design takes us to the temples and ancient richness. The Guatemala marble block in the center recalls an archaeological stone framed by a golden brass structure that confers a harmonious balance to the piece. The black shade with a golden strip on both extremities conveys a luxurious and sophisticated look that doesn’t go away unnoticed. This timeless design is the perfect decorative lamp, capable of fitting in the most demanding decors and high-end projects. The implementation of numerous materials, such as brass and marble, allows this unique lighting fixture to transport you to an exotic environment when light spreads through the ambiance.


Gianna is a feminine-inspired furniture design with more than an attractive silhouette to present. It illustrates a charismatic attitude that is handcrafted with great care and attention to the smallest detail to showcase the sophistication of this decorative piece. Get inspired to decorate the living room with a minimal yet sophisticated lifestyle piece that implements three forces: brass, wood, and marble. A table that is an exquisite center of attention and can transform each scenario into an alluring living space. The brass cylinder that covers the top of the table brings a distinctive look to this table, making the composition unique. The combination of these premium materials provides extravagance to this luxury round table. A design that is meant for a modern high-end interior but still can be very versatile and easily highlight any room.


Reveal the power of nature's majesty by inviting it inside your home with the Cielo Collection, inspired by nature's magnificence and wonders - the fusion of pure elements. The Cielo Collection visualizes the concept of natural forces and their mysterious power. The fusion of pure elements – fire, ocean waves, sky, and stones – is the greatest source of inspiration. Fire creates delicacy, wave shapes stones, the sky elevates magic, and stone brings textures. Therefore, nature shapes lighting design. The Cielo Collection is a dynamic way of conceiving the world and the joy of discovery and wonder. The luxury oasis is waiting. Imagine the calcite forms decorations that hang from the ceiling – stalactites with multi-coloured lighting that splits through rocks to glow in the dark. This time, Castro Lighting carries its manufacturing traditions, transforming them into contemporary interior aesthetics – a minimal yet artistic expression of the modern lighting design within natural wonders. Brass finishes, textures, and glass curves – the customization options are limitless. The Cielo Suspension lamp proudly bears the name, which in Italian is related to sky or heaven. This handmade lighting fixture, made of gold-plated brass with strong lines, creates an organic movement of subtle tubes complementing the luxury chandelier with clear glass. If you look closely enough, the extended brass tubes remind dangling stalactite and stalagmite shapes. Hammered by the hands of experienced craftsmen, it is capable of transforming the living space into grand adventurous scenery. This finest lighting design is a beautiful addition to complement the hotel lobby, large hallways, long staircases, or spacious living room. The Cielo handcrafted gold suspension is the perfect choice for the interiors with modern classic style and contemporary vibes. Feel the powerful energy of this suspension which brass elements complement the refinement of the interior and permit to reveal of a new meaning of beauty. Simplicity, smooth texture, and clean glass lines help define this contemporary lighting design as the signature collection fitting to the most exquisite decors.


Charlotte collection was inspired by the transcending feminism imbued in its design as a symbol of change. This is a year for women and about women empowering and making a change in the world. This collection came to be as a result of that movement. It represents a new era in the luxury furniture industry. Charlotte Ring Dining Table features long gold-plated brass tubes as support for a beautifully integrated Guatemala Marble top. It gives the design a sense of refinement and boldness. This modern table has a distinctive characteristic that makes it magnificent and exclusive. It has a rotating table top that can be added to the piece or removed. However, the chicness and glamour it adds to the design is undeniable. This design is the perfect fit for a modern or art-deco interior space. The blend of both styles provides a glamorous touch to this luxury dining table only visible in a luxury furniture collection.