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Charlotte Ring Dining Table


Charlotte collection was inspired by the transcending feminism imbued in its design as a symbol of change. This is a year for women and about women empowering, and making a change in the world. This collection came to be as a result of that movement. It represents a new era in the luxury furniture industry.

Charlotte Ring Dining Table features long gold-plated brass tubes. As support for a Guatemala Marble top-placed beautifully. It gives the design a sense of refinement and boldness. This modern table has a special characteristic that makes it magnificent and distinguish: It has a rotating table top that can be added to the piece or removed. However, it is undeniable the chicness and glamour it adds to the whole design.

This design is the perfect fit for a modern or art-deco interior space. The combination of both styles provides a lavishness to this luxury dining table only visible on a luxury furniture collection.

The table top is also available in wood. Pair this luxurious dining table with Susan Chair to create a modern aesthetic ambiance.


Technical Information

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 76 cm | 30 in

Diameter: 140 cm | 55.1 in

Table Top

Diameter: 70 cm | 27.5 in



Net Weight: 130kg | 286.6 lbs

Gross Weight: 224kg | 493.8 lbs


Marble Options












Dimensions: 166x166x95 cm | 65.4x65.4x37.4 in


Technical Sheet

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