V.Luxe E-Magazine Summer 2019 Issue



Castro Lighting’s team envisioned and developed this magazine to bring you into our world. V.Luxe is an extension of our day-to-day inspirations, trips together, discoveries, and biggest passions. It all started with the idea of gathering everyone’s favorites (from fashion to culture), give it a twist, and put it on display as an embodiment of the team’s personality.







We’re sure we want to continue this project and present

a new issue each season with brand-new content.



Lifestyle and Interior design live hand in hand and both search for inspiration in each other - you won’t be a true interior lover without the right amount of love for fashion and culture.

As we surround ourselves daily with worldwide releases from east to west, it’s only fair to share our collection of must-haves and utmost relevant content with you. As you’ll scroll through the pages of this issue, you’ll easily notice the main focus: this summer’s freshest finds and tendencies.

A selection of the best summer destinations, how to design your home, a guide to the best bars & design hotels in Porto, lighting & furniture trends, among other inspirational mood boards and articles. All of this with one purpose, to keep you close to the world of luxury in its diverse branches.


V.LUXE provides the tools you’ll need to feel encouraged to

create the countless projects you set your mind on.