Welcome to the House of Castro. You’ve just joined the most elegant and beyond beautiful escapade. This experience highlights new living designs, tailoring sophistication into brass. This time, the Portuguese brand brings luxurious modern-day lighting and furniture trends over the iconic and fashionable concept.

This hallway features Flusso Console, Halma Wall Light, Rainforest Suspension and Sedere Armchair.

The House of Castro celebrates life and its influential authentic synergy within interior design, fashion, art, culture, and lifestyle inspiration. Castro team works with one purpose – to reveal the uplifting story through the most graceful lifestyle masterpieces, hoping to inspire you and to bring more joy, happiness, and passion for design into daily life.

Entryway design featuring Hopper Art Light and Rift Console.

Step into The House of Castro, the world of beauty, most breathtaking décor styling experiences, and visionary luxury at its finest. It represents a cosmopolitan state of mind and relaxed elegance adorned with easy going sophistication.

Majestical Staircase featuring Constellation Suspension.

Dedicating the time to create a very special journey to delicate luxury, classy colour schemes coupled with furnishing decor ideas, and expert guidance on the leading-edge lighting design trends, Castro manifests to be brave and adventurous, being the ones who dare to lead you into the world of refinement and savoir-vivre – the most magnificent lighting fixtures and luxury furniture pieces.

Lobby design area with Colombo Maple and Cielo Collection.

Come along and spread those bold vibes to all the beautiful people out there, artistic interior design aesthetes and tireless décor enthusiasts. Push the boundaries of fine design living and discover a riddle wrapped in exquisite design – a fusion of elated aesthetic, alluring intelligence, and bespoke individuality.

Fine Dining under the skies of Rainforest Suspension together with Flusso Dining Table and Sedere Chair.

The House of Castro strongly believes in state-of-the-art lifestyle concept and strives for new living designs taken to new heights. Take a journey through the interior design wonderland, radiant spirit, and stylishly luxurious fantasy crafted into the liveable luxury.

Moving through the hallways with these magestically views of comfort and elegance with Chiara Armchair and Bolero Pendant.

Castro cherishes timeless values and celebrates solid design, gracious detailing, and soulful brass craftsmanship. Being the ones who search for essence and devotion in everything, implementing them into new creative projects and challenging ambitious dreams come true.

A kitchen that serves sophistication and beauty. All thanks to the chefs, Gio Pendant and Penelope Bar Chair.

This is a message for all the globetrotters, treasure seekers, cool hunters, and trendsetters who make the world sparkle with luxurious lighting and lifestyle furniture designs.


Enjoy your evening. Dream of contemporary elegance with Halma Pendant and Lotus Suspension.

Curated with great love, passion, and pursuit of perfection to give you butterflies and make your hearts beat faster to bespoke your dreams.

"Think big, be adventurous, shape your style, and fullfil your dreams with The House of Castro."

The House of Castro is more than just commitment to excellence at every stage of the creative process – Castro brass handcrafted traditions along with the innovative design is the bridge from dreams to reality.