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Vienna Table Lamp

ref. 6176.1

Annually held since the 19th century, the Vienna Opera Ball takes place in the auditorium of the Vienna State Opera. This auditorium is turned into a large ballroom, exquisitely decorated for the occasion. The Ball began as an entertainment for the crowned heads of Europe and the aristocracy and throughout the years has kept its exclusivity and opulence.

Vienna table lamp maintains the sumptuousness and richness of the event, conferred by the combination of brass with the magnificent crystals. Its elegant and subtle design creates a unique and refined look.

Vienna table lamp incorporates a timeless grandiosity, full of luxurious details conferred by the use of noble materials such as brass, transparent glass and crystals, involving the surrounding space with elegance.


Technical Information

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 68 cm | 26,7 in

Width: 40 cm | 15,7 in



Net Weight: 3 kg Gross Weight: 6 kg



Number: 1 Type: 40W max | E27



Color: Golden Teak



D x d x h
Reference: 21170 (40x25x25 cm)



Dimension: 40x40x68 cm


Technical Sheet


Other Versions

Ref.: 6176.1
Height: 68 cm Width: 40 cm
Lamps: 1 Type: 40W E27

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