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Lighting / Suspension

Terra Suspension

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Terra is an exquisite lighting collection inspired by the Roman goddess of the same name - a symbol of nature's power and beauty. As the embodiment of the land and all its natural wonders, Terra encourages us to connect with the world around us and appreciate its splendor. This collection showcases the gentle and delicate movement inherent in nature and is imbued with the vital energy that runs through every element, making it truly exceptional.

The Terra Suspension exudes elegance and sophistication with its meticulously handcrafted gold-plated brass leaves, evoking the beauty of the earth. This artisanal masterpiece showcases the intricate delicacy of leaves and the sharp texture of twigs, skillfully juxtaposed with the smooth and fluid shapes of the overall design, resulting in extraordinary contrasts that exude refinement and grace.

Whether for classic or contemporary spaces, with its emphasis on organic shapes and natural inspiration, Terra brings the beauty and elegance of the natural world, bridging every space it is assembled with the earth and all of its divine elements.

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Technical Information

Dimensions (approx.)

Diameter: 80 cm | 39.3 in

Height: 250 cm | 15.7 in



Net Weight: 48 kg | 105 lbs

Gross Weight: 84 kg | 185 lbs



Number:16 Type: 28W max | G9



Dimensions: 10.3 x 103 x 72 cm | 40.5 x 40.5 x 28.3 in


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