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Safi Pendant

ref. 8852.24

Characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics of the Moroccan city of Safi, Safi pendant was designed to be grandiose and a natural spotlight in the most demanding interior design projects. Suitable for wide spaces, this piece fulfils the surrounding atmosphere with precious and unique details.

The 24k gold plated brass tube is hammered by the hands of experienced craftsmen and decorated with Swarovski Crystals carefully assembled one by one by lighting manufacturers.

Thanks to its unique design this piece was clearly designed to perform in a way that pampers the eyes as the versatility of the Safi Collection is the key to make every project unique and personal.




Technical Information


Height: 48 cm Diameter: 7cm



Net Weight: 1,05 kg Gross Weight: 2,35 kg



Number: 1 Type: 40W max | G9




Color: Crystal

Other: Under Request



Dimension: 45x17x17 cm


Technical Sheet


Other Versions

Reference: 8852.36
Height: 66 cm Diameter: 7 cm
Lamps: 1 Type: 28W G9

Reference: 8852.48
Height: 84 cm Diameter: 7 cm
Lamps: 1 Type: 28W G9​​​​​​​

Reference: 8852.60
Height: 102 cm Diameter: 7 cm
Lamps: 1 Type: 28W G9​​​​​​​

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