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Ravel Suspension

ref. 9020.80

Maurice Ravel was a French composer and pianist often associated with Impressionism. This suspension uses the same name and grandeur it offers as the gold and the crystals enhance the luxurious element within this lighting fixture. This combination results in a sophisticated yet dynamic design that stands out in any ambiance, just like Ravel’s music.

Ravel Suspension was created in order to be perfect yet functional and practical. Stunning delicated crystals emerge from the middle of the delicately hammered gold plated brass, allowing the light to spread to the surrounding space and creating the perfect ambiance in the area.


Technical Information

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 150 cm Diameter: 80cm



Net Weight: 8,5 kg Gross Weight: 22 kg



Number: 6 Type: 40W max | G9



Color: Crystal

Other: Under Request



Dimension: 95x95x50 cm


Technical Sheet

Under Request

Other Versions

Reference: 9020.60
Height: 120 cm Diameter: 60 cm
Lamps: 6 Type: 28W G9

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