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Rainforest Mirror


The Rainforest Collection arose from the timeless lighting celebration of nature silhouettes, its elements, and movements. Immerse yourself in the magnificent atmosphere of the sparkling rainforest where the art of brass craftsmanship becomes luxury interior design. The ultimate fusion between the artistic design, authenticity of traditional Portuguese metal-work techniques, and creative craftsmanship.

The Rainforest Mirror is an outstanding reflection of modern design, combining clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic with a touch of natural inspiration. The brass frame creates a bold, distinctive edge that enhances the mirror's contemporary appeal. The brass finish adds a soft, warm touch to the design, while the clear mirror provides a crystal-clear reflection.

Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, this sophisticated and stylish mirror combines both functionality and style, making it ideal for use in a living room or bedroom, where it will enhance the room's ambiance.



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