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Printemps Suspension

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Having in mind the arising of nature after winter, Printemps suspension transports us to a luxurious villa in Provence with a view to a floral garden, where you can almost feel a springly breeze in an afternoon. This piece was inspired by the elegance of the flower fields as the spherical dramatic silhouettes give a reason to be the center of attention.

Natural organic forms and subtle textures stamps this suspension that incorporates features of Art Deco décor, creating an atmosphere of luxury and exclusive creativity.

The movement is created with the falling golden leaves that involve the lighting diffusion from the bulbs in the center. The golden leaf design is shaped by hand by our professional lighting manufacturers, reflecting the shadows of unique and timeless grandiosity. This exclusive design is ideal for all home interiors and luxury hotels with the most demanding decors.



Technical Information


Height: 80 cm Diameter: 80cm



Under Request




Number: 32 Type: 40W max | G9



Dimension: 96x96x22 cm


Technical Sheet

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