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Pattern Table


Pattern table was named for its repeated gold round template in the center. The combination of its noble materials allows this piece to carry an uncompromised luxurious style and strong presence. The tabletop is the statement part of this piece, composed by a black lacquered surface with a transparent glass sphere in the middle. Under the glass, a unique golden pattern emerges, allowing a more sophisticated and elegant look to the piece. A sturdy statement piece that blends shades of elegance across the surrounding area, ideal for dining rooms for example. The pattern detailing on the center of the table adds a lavishing twist of high end furniture that conveys the same feeling of elegancy to any kind of interior.



Technical Information

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 80 cm | 31,5 in

Diameter: 120 cm | 47 in



Net Weight: 51 kg Gross Weight: 70 kg



Dimension: 127x127x30 cm


Technical Sheet

Under Request

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