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Pattern Mirror


The Pattern mirror was named for its repeated gold-plated brass shapes overlaying the circular base. The combination of noble materials allows this piece to carry an uncompromised luxurious style and strong presence.

The delicate Art Deco-inspired wall mirror is composed of a transparent surface combined with artistic golden patterns. A truly luxurious statement piece that blends shades of elegance across the surrounding area is perfect for entrances, hallways, living and dining rooms, as well as any other interior space your interior décor imagination allows.

The pattern detailing on the center of the mirror adds a lavish twist of extravagant charm and luxury that greatly complements a simple choice of interior design.

This stylish lifestyle decorative piece resembles the fish eye mirror that provides the “see-through” effect. This fabulous modern mirror allows you to combine it with details of the wall that can be left to be seen on purpose. All the "coins"- like shapes of the statement mirror are applied by hand as the final finish that brings a distinctive and unique identity to a luxurious home.



Technical Information

Dimensions (approx.)

Diameter: 100 cm | 39,4 in

Depth: 4.1 cm | 1.6 in


Weight (approx.)

Net Weight 14 kg | 30.9 lbs

Gross Weight 28 kg | 61.7 lbs


Customization Options




Dimensions: 99x99x27 cm | 39x39x10.6 in


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