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Galilei Suspension

ref. 9150.70

Following Galileo’s cognomen of the "father of observational astronomy” and the idea of the sun being the leading figure of the solar system as all planets move around the golden star, Galilei suspension has rotating rings spinning around the light in the center that shimmer through the delicate crystals.

This bold statement piece is ideal for interior design projects that aim to leave a strong impression. The unique mix of details is a guarantee that eyes will stop to contemplate while crossing this piece.

Galilei is the perfect fit for contemporary interior designs that combine strong pieces in a harmonious interiors décor.


Technical Information

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 70 cm | 27,5 in

Diameter: 70 cm | 27,5 in



Net Weight: 8,6 kg Gross Weight: 24,5 kg



Number: 12 Type: 40W max | G9



Color: Crystal

Other: Under Request



Dimension: 74x74x80 cm


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