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Eclipse Wall Lamp

ref. 9700.40

The Eclipse Handmade Wall Light is named after the solar eclipse phenomena. When the moon slowly starts to rotate to the point it almost aligns with the Sun and the Earth, the moon creates a shadow that partially inhibits sunrays from being seen from earth.

Recreating this natural wonder, the Eclipse gold wall lamp is composed of two rounded brass plates, placed in front of each other, with a slight distance between them, only allowing little crescents of light to shine through. The front plate is hammered by hand, using modern handcraft technics, that reflects in the shining gold plated plate in the back.

With touches of modern, contemporary and mid century modern styles, the luxury shade is the perfect fit for a hallway, bedroom, living room or dining room, it’s warm light brings a calm and relaxing ambiance.



Technical Information


Diameter: 40cm



Net Wiehgt: 3,5kg  Gross Weight: 6kg



Number: 3 Type: 40W max | G9



Dimension: 51x51x29


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