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Cielo Pendant

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Reveal the power of nature's majesty by inviting it inside your home with the Cielo Collection that has been inspired by nature's magnificence and its wonders - the fusion of pure elements. The Cielo Collection visualizes the concept of natural forces and their mysterious power. The fusion of pure elements – fire, ocean waves, sky, and stones – is the greatest source of inspiration. Fire creates delicacy, wave shapes stones, sky elevates magic, stone brings textures. Therefore, nature shapes lighting design. The Cielo Collection is the dynamic way of conceiving the world and the joy of discovery and wonder.
The luxury oasis is waiting, imagine the calcite forms decorations that hang from the ceiling – stalactites with multi-coloured lighting that splits through rocks to glow in the dark. This time, Castro Lighting carries its manufacturing traditions transforming them into contemporary interior aesthetics – a minimal yet artistic expression of the modern lighting design within natural wonders. Brass finishes, textures, glass curves – the customization options are limitless.
The Cielo Pendant lamp proudly bears the name which in Italian is related to sky or heaven. This handmade lighting fixture is made of gold-plated brass, the strong lines create an organic movement of subtle brass tubes complementing the luxury chandelier with clear glass. If you look closely enough, the extended tubes remind dangling stalactite and stalagmite shapes. Hammered by the hands of experienced craftsmen, it is capable of transforming the living space into grand adventurous scenery.
This finest lighting design is a beautiful addition to complement the hotel lobby, large hallways, long staircases, or the spacious living room. The Cielo handcrafted gold pendant is the perfect choice for the interiors with modern classic style, contemporary vibes, as well as the art-deco touch. Feel the powerful energy of this pendant which brass elements complement the refinement of the interior and permit to reveal a new meaning of beauty. Simplicity, smooth texture, and clean glass lines help define this contemporary lighting design as the signature collection fitting to the most exquisite decors.


Technical Information

Dimensions (approx.)

Height: 65 cm | 25,6 in

Diameter: 29 cm | 11 in



Net Weight: 9kg Gross Weight: 15kg



Number: 3  Type: 28W G9



Dimension: 45x45x71 cm | 17.7x17.7x28 in


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