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Alchemy Suspension

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Alchemy… so much mystery in one word. It welcomes you to the amazing world of magic. Back in the day, in pursuit of eternal youth, noble gold, and the philosopher’s stone, the scholars made a great effort in exploring alchemy. Alchemy Suspension is part of a masculine and raw collection inspired by the pure enigma of the ancient and mystical science. 

Alchemy handcrafted gold suspension was designed to salute the blend of noble materials with sophisticated geometry. The masterfully implemented lighting fixture is entirely made of brass with a gold-plated finish. Rectangular lines combined with a layered circle-shaped structure bring a special allure to the design.

A perfect choice for contemporary or modern interior style in both residential and commercial spaces. It will significantly complement a living room, dining room or bedroom and brighten up the most fabulous interior designs. Accomplish an atmosphere of elegant comfort and resplendence.





Technical Information


Height: 40cm  Width: 80cm



Net Weight: 38kg  Gross Weight: 50kg



Number: 36 Type: 40W max | G9



Dimensions: 89x89x46cm


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