Castro Decorative Accessories for the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the most expected times of the year. Since we are getting closer and closer to this spectacular season, we know that it’s important to have your house set with decorations that set the temper. Since only some of us have that chance we’re here to bring you the absolute Holidays Essentials that you must have in your house to receive your family in the best way and provide them the best comfort they can be.

So, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just like magic, pretend you’re in the mood, checking all the movies and songs that are so known in these months.

Since you’re going to receive your guests at the entrance hall, you must create an impact immediately here. Together with the mistletoe and all the decorations you can find your entrance will be the portal for your own Villa residence if that’s the case. So it’s essential to have something where your guests can leave their jackets and bags before entering. What better than the Canna Coat Rack to complement this set?

Combining brass with a black Marquina marble, this is a perfect addition to your space, since it obeys the classic timeless colour palette with black and goldish tones. Fear not if you’re a snowy neutral colours kind of person. You can customise it to better fit your white ambiance with all the finishes possibilities that we have available.

Still in the entrance, and after hanging the jackets on the coat rack, your guests have to fix their clothes once it might get out of place under the jacket or if you’re lucky and have the privilege to have snow for the season, to take parts of snow that are still in your clothes. For that, you’ll need to see yourself in the mirror. Bringing the gold tones to the space, Mondrian Mirror will add just the right amount of luxury to your house this holiday.

This ultimate dinner deserves all the elegance and sophistication possible. Take out the best tableware you have and put it on the table together with a tablecloth. To set the spirit, you must light a few red candles. To do so you should have Spike Candle Holder to elevate the sophistication of your holiday table to the next level.

Sometimes it can be hard to decorate your dining room table before the holiday supper. To help you - our suggestions approach a basket of fruit to offer. Since we’re sure you don’t want to forsake the magnificent decorations, we suggest you serve the fruit in the majestic Pattern Basket. You’ll be capable of pleasing those who want a healthier dessert but also keep your decoration perfect. It’s the best of both worlds!

Finally, we know that guests will bring flowers. It’s an easy gift to offer and everyone usually loves it. And we know that you want to put it in the best place in your house and highlight them. Using Streamline Flower Pot, you will not only highlight the flowers but also decorate spaces that don’t have as much focus as others. A bunch of red roses on the top of the white flower pot will bring that vibe to every empty corner of your home.