An Outstanding Mediterranean Inspired Dining Room

The dining room is an outstanding space at your home. This is the space where friends and family gather to celebrate the best moments and where the best pasta dishes are served. On long summer afternoons, this is a meeting point where the most beautiful memories are created and, to that end, it's important that the décor does justice to this space.

Having this in mind, the mission was to bring the beauty of the Italian forest into this sophisticated dining room and, to do this, there was nothing better than incorporating the Terra collection into this space. As the embodiment of the land and all its natural wonders, Terra encourages us to connect with the world around us and appreciate its splendour. The suspension, right above the dining table, showcases the gentle and delicate movement inherent in nature and is imbued with the vital energy that runs through every element, making it truly exceptional. To complete the lighting in this space, the Wall Light from the same collection is undoubtedly the best option. With its organic shapes, the Terra Wall Light allows you to travel back to the orchard of your Italian Villa with just one breath, reminding you of how happy you once were there.

To bring you maximum comfort, this dining room features the magnificent Athena Chair - a design masterpiece inspired by the enduring grace of the Greek goddess. This chair was designed with style and functionality offering ergonomic comfort and support. Whether you're dining with your loved ones or flavouring a delicious glass of wine while watching your garden and the changes in the trees - that begin to indicate the change of season - this chair is undoubtedly the best option for you to do so in the most comfortable and relaxed way possible.

One of the most recent additions to the Castro collection, the Harp Dining Table, was the piece chosen to complete this dining set. Inspired by the delicate musical instrument, this aims to bring a sense of refinement and luxury to every space. Defined by refined lines, this refined lifestyle piece will bring your loved ones together for long conversations, exchanging smiles as they savour gastronomic masterpieces.

In Mediterranean inspired houses, designers tend towards warmer, earthy tones. Colours such as gold, yellow, green, red and turquoise are the most commonly used in spaces that choose this interior style. This choice allows for the creation of environments that bring tranquillity and elegance. These colours go well with gold, a sign of opulence, something very much embraced by the Italian style.

Finally, to bring a corner of the space to life, there is a small area where your guests can store their things, with the help of the Ruby Sideboard. They can also touch up their look, before sitting down at the table with the others, by seeing their reflection in the graceful Rainforest Mirror. Also, in order to illuminate this small corner, especially in the evening when there is less natural light, the Manhattan Table Lamp brings the necessary grace and presence to this space.

In the modern world, where trends usually come and go, the Mediterranean Interior Design Style prevails as a reminder of the beauty found in simplicity, nature, and cultural heritage. In every sense, this dining room is more than a mere space. It's an ode to this interior design style, the poetry of architecture, and the magic of nature.