An Elegant Tea Room

Imagine that, halfway through your trip, what you want the most is to take a moment for yourself, where you can get away from all and just relax. Let yourself get lost among aromas such as mint, jasmine and cinnamon, while savouring a comforting cup of tea, which always tastes good when the first September winds start to blow.

As you travel through the pages of the book that has accompanied you on this trip to Morocco, allow yourself to enjoy the comfort that the Marie Sofa provides. Marie Sofa aims to express the burst of extravagance that once lived in the Versailles Palace. It is a contemporary piece that would be Queen’s choice if she lived in our times.

Immediately next door is the Harp Side Table, perfect for placing your cup of tea while you lose yourself in the pages of that book. Inspired by the elegance of the musical harp, this exquisite piece of furniture is designed to elevate your dining space with refinement and luxury. The Harp Side Table is also home to the Lotus Table Lamp. This lamp aims to represent this simplicity and splendour as its design and form are almost identical to the real flower’s shape, incorporating its luxurious feel.

The main lighting in this space is provided by the Lotus Suspension. In order to maintain the delicacy that this space requires, there was nothing better than bringing an organic design to this tea room, inspired by something as delicate as a lotus flower. Finally, the Grace Stool, a design that carries the same beautiful name and charm, was created to be an accent furniture décor to provide a luxurious statement to any interior. In this iconic tea room, it serves as a support for the sofa, in case, for example, one of your most recent friends, whom you ended up making on this trip, wants to share a cup of tea or just have a great conversation.

As we took a last sip from our cups, we discovered that in this exquisite tea retreat, the blend of comfort and luxury wove an enchanting narrative, offering us a break from the rigours of the world and a unique moment to savour the beauty of life.