An Elegant French-Style Café

Surroundings have the power to significantly impact the perception of reality and influence whether or not we return to it, and cafés and restaurants are no different. Commercial design plays a fundamental role in creating a complete and memorable experience for the consumer, which can often influence the customer's decision to buy or whether they will return to your space.

If you’re the owner of a café or bistro and want to remodel your space continue reading this article so that you can be inspired by this aesthetic, which draws a little from French café vibes, and which will make even the most demanding coffee lovers not want to leave your café.

To provide you with the maximum comfort and bring you the unique feelings that autumn provides, the Anna Chair is customised in scarlet tones, just like the leaves that fall delicately in the street it’s the perfect bistro chair. This sumptuous upholstery piece is inspired by the classic style up-to-date influences to create a furniture masterpiece of timeless elegance. The bespoke Anna chair brings a feeling of mystery and irresistible luxury, providing maximum cosiness and allure to the most exquisite spaces.

Keeping up with the Art Déco Style, the Haring Table is in this space to serve as a support for the hot drinks typical of this season, which will be followed by the long conversations between friends, lovers or family members that will be shared in this space. With a delicate nature, Haring is the perfect decorative piece to a luxurious place like this one, giving an exclusive touch to the surrounding area. Surrender to this gorgeous statement piece as it will make any room complete.

Immediately above the table is the Royal Pendant. As Belgium is a country linked to royal customs, we wanted to bring a little of this heritage to this space by incorporating this lighting collection into it. Composed of brass and glass, the different levels of this handmade pendant are a remarkable display of how a modern touch can elevate a traditional design.

In order to complement the space, bringing a cosy ambient light, much needed now that the days are getting shorter, the Floor Lamp, from the same collection, was also incorporated to make the space comfier for those who visit it.

Be inspired to decorate your own aesthetic café inspired by the French café vibes, while incorporating the colours of this magical season and creating a welcoming space that is sure to catch the eye of everyone who passes by, making them come back again and again.