We offer a range of responses to the questions raised most often by our customers.
If you have any question, please contact us to info@castrolighting.com.

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Why Castro Lighting? 

Castro Lighting guarantees the complete satisfaction of our customers. Each project is unique and requires our attention. We are a reliable company, we focus on the needs of our customers, we present the best proposals and fulfill deadlines.

What kind of lamps you manufacture? 

Castro Lighting produces any type of interior lighting.

What is your style lamps?

Our catalog includes a wide range of lamps ranging from classic to contemporary.

The lamps can be customized? 

Yes, any lamp can be customized to the size and taste of each client and/or project.

What are the types of finishes that you have? 

24 carat gold plated (gloss / matte / brushed), nickel (gloss / matte / brushed), black nickel (gloss / matte / brushed), brass (gloss / matte/ brushed), copper (gloss / matte / brushed), oxidized and lacquered (RAL reference or any other color catalogs).

What kind of crystals you work? 

We work with crystals from Swarovski and Asfour brand.

Can the color of the crystals be selected? 

Yes, the color of the crystals can be selected according to the needs of each client and/or project, relying always available in colors presented in our catalogs.

Which are the available lampshades colors? 

We have a wide selection of colors and tonalities for the textiles that can be used in lampshades. You find some of this selection in our catalogs and showrooms.

Which are the tissues that use in the production of lampshades? 

Normally, we use organza or chintz. However, the fabrics may also be provided by the customer.

How can I receive the physical catalog? 

The physical catalog is always sent with your first order.

What is the average delivery time for each order? 

Delivery time varies between 3-4 weeks depending on the size of the order and the specifications required by the customer.

Which countries export the Castro Lighting? 

Our lamps are exported to all the world.

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